Department of Nursing

Graduate Tuition 2016- 2017

  • Resident Tuition - $337.50 per credit hour
  • Non-Resident Tuition - $764.25 per credit hour

Online Tuition 2016- 2017

  • Undergraduate/Graduate - 366.70 per Credit Hour
  • Resident/Non Resident - 366.70 per Credit Hour

Nursing courses will be assessed an additional $30.25 per credit hour differential fee.

Course Related Fees

  • NUR 50300 -  Students enrolling in NUR50300 Advanced Health Assessment will be assessed a course fee of $300.00 to cover costs of standardized patients. There is an additional fee of $89.00 to cover the cost of Shadow Health online assessment modules subscription.
  • NUR 69800 - Students enrolling in the Research M. S. Thesis option will be assessed a thesis fee of $90.00. These fees are subject to change by the vendor.

For additional fees, visit the Bursar website.