College of Health and Human Services

Human Services Internship and Clinical

General Requirements of the Senior Internship and Sophomore Clinical

The Human Services bachelor’s degree (B.S.) has a required Sophomore Clinical and Senior Internship. Students are in their last year of the program when they enroll in the internship course. The clinical and internship is completed in two consecutive semesters during the academic year (fall and spring semesters). During the fall semester, interns fulfill 90 hours at the internship site. In the spring semester, interns fulfill 90 hours at the site. During both semesters, the students meet at IPFW for classroom instruction and contact with an IPFW faculty in the internship seminar. That faculty member also serves as the site’s contact person for the year. The focus of the Senior Internship in the fall is clinical and on administrative and organizational functioning in the spring while sophomores are focused on clinical work all year.  You must attend a required meeting in the Spring semester before you enter your clinical or internship.  You will then need to apply for your placement.  All forms and deadlines will be given at the spring meeting.