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Dental Assisting Estimated Expenses

Required Disclosures to Current and Prospective Students
Regarding the Certificate in Dental Assisting

Federal regulations issued by the Department of Education require that IPFW make certain information about this certificate program available. Disclosure of this data is a condition of awarding federal financial assistance to eligible students in this non-degree program. If you have questions about this information or how this program will prepare you for gainful employment, please contact the College of Health and Human Services.

Certificate Program Name: Certificate in Dental Assisting, College of Health and Human Services

This certificate program is designed to prepare students for the following occupations, which are identified by federal Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Codes.

Occupations Dental Assisting Career Description - Dental Assistants

Click on the occupation code to link to O*NET for detailed information about this occupation.

Program Costs: Costs for this program are estimated based on Indiana resident tuition rates and fee schedules. Costs for books and supplies are approximate and may not reflect your actual expenses. Complete information is available at: IPFW Tuition And Fees

This program requires a minimum of 55 credit hours.
                Minimum Total Tuition: $ 13,912.25
                Minimum Total Fees: $ 1,490.40
                Books and Supply Cost: $ 700 per full-time semester

Your total estimated cost of attendance includes room and board expenses. The financial aid office estimates students will incur room and board costs of approximately $5,094 per semester. Other costs to consider include transportation and personal expenses.

Statistics below are based on students who completed this certificate, or any other certificate at this campus with the same CIP code during the most recently completed academic year. Students are counted only if this certificate was their primary academic objective, rather than earned while the student pursued a degree. Where fewer than 10 such students completed the certificate in a year, the Department of Education requests that the data be withheld for privacy reasons.

Classification of Instructional Program Code (CIP): 51.0601, Dental Assisting

On-time Completion Rate: 96 %
                Number who completed: 23
                Number who completed in ‘normal time’: 23

Job Placement data for this certificate (if collected).

 Median loan debt:
                Title IV: $ 6,500.00
                Private: $ 0 or ‘no borrowers’
                Institutional: $ 0 or ‘no borrowers’