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College of Professional Studies

FNN 20400 Food, History & Culture (Cr. 3)

Course is designed to examine the fundamental tenets that govern human behavior around food choices and foodways.  Study in this cours will explore the historical development of the current food cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas.  Studies will also explore the impact of foodways and food choices on nutritional status and health  P:  HTM 10000

FNN 30200 Nutrition Education (Cr. 3)

Basic nutrition and its application to current trends and controversies. Emphases placed on teaching techniques and communicating sound nutritional concepts to the lay audience. For nonscience majors.

FNN 30300 Essentials of Nutrition (Cr. 3)

Basic nutrition and its application in meeting nutritional needs of all ages.

FNN 30400 Nutrition's Place in Hospitality (Cr. 3)

This course focuses on fundamental nutrition for the student's personal and professional life.  Needs for, functions of, and food sources of nutrients will be covered.  Emphasis in this course is on nutrition topics pertinent to the food service/culinary industry. P: HTM 21400 (or FNN 20300 and HTM 191000); AND FNN 20400; AND HTM 18100

FNN 40300 Advanced Nutrition: Food from Farm to Fork (Cr. 3)

This course explores the processes involved in the transformation of food as a raw commodity on the farm to a consumable item at the "table".  Literally, to study food from farm to fork.  The impac of the food supply system on communities, family dynamics, nutritional status, and health is also included. P: FNN 30300 or FNN 30400

CFS 399 Special Topics in CFS (Cr. 3)

Study and analysis of concepts and issues related to Hospitality Management and Nutrition.  Hours and subject matter to be arranged by staff. Course may be repeated up to 18 credit hours.  Variable Title.