College of Professional Studies

Standard 1

Standard 1. Candidates preparing to work in schools as teachers or other school professionals know and demonstrate the content knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and skills, pedagogical and professional knowledge and skills, and professional dispositions necessary to help all students learn. Assessments indicate that candidates meet professional, state, and institutional standards.

List of Exhibits

    1.1 State program review documents and state findings

    1.2 Title II reports submitted to the state for the previous three years

    1.3 Key assessments and scoring guides used by faculty to assess candidate learning against standards and the outcomes identified in the unit’s conceptual framework for programs not included in the national program review  process or a similar state process

    1.4 Data tables and summaries that show how teacher candidates have performed on key assessments over the past three years for programs not included in the national program review process or a similar state process

    1.5 Samples of candidate work

    1.6 Follow-up studies of graduates and data tables of results 

  • (New) 2010 Undergraduate Survey Results PDF
  • (New) 2010-2011 Graduate Survey Results PDF
  • 2009 Undergraduate Survey Results PDF PPT
  • 2009-2010 Graduate Survey Results PDF PPT
  • 2008 Undergraduate Survey Results PDF PPT
  • 2008 Graduate Survey Results PDF PPT
  • 2007 Undergraduate Survey Results PDF
  • 2007 Graduate Survey Results PDF  

    1.7 Employer feedback on graduates and summaries of the results

In our efforts toward continuous improvement, our future goal for employer feedback on initial and advanced program candidates in the Department of Educational Studies is to survey a random sample of principals at schools within the four major school districts in Allen County in regard to our graduates’ effectiveness in their respective classrooms. Using the Indiana Department of Education Website, we can earmark our graduates at specific school sites within the county, and then provide school principals with a list of our graduates that are working in their buildings. By designing a Likert-type questionnaire and gathering responses from building principals on a 1-5 scale with 5 representing “very effective” we can begin to systematically collect this information. We are currently developing this questionnaire along with feedback from several local school principals. We should be able to gather pilot data in the fall of 2011.

    1.8 List of candidate dispositions, including fairness and the belief that all students can learn, and related assessments, scoring guides, and data

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