College of Professional Studies

Criminal Justice Major

The Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs program begins with a core of courses in public affairs and general education. Introductory courses in the four instructional areas of criminal justice, the environment, health services, and public affairs are included, as well as classes in public sector management, finance, and budgeting. You then choose a major from the following list:  criminal justice, environmental policy, health services administration, legal studies and public management.

Minor in Criminal Justice

This minor offers you the opportunity to become more knowledgeable in the field of criminal justice. This minor can enhance the career opportunities for liberal arts and other majors. It is available to students who are enrolled in baccalaureate programs other than the Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs with a Major in Criminal Justice degree program.

Please contact Leslie Clark or Tammy Davich in Neff 260 for the appropriate degree requirements.

Criminal Justice Tentative Course Schedule

Criminal Justice Minor

Photo of Professor Joespeter Mbuba, Ph.D., with students.Professor Jospeter Mbuba, Ph.D., engages his students in class while examining criminal justice issues.

Photo of Marysia Zilka, Class of 2014

Student Testimonial

“Another reason why I have chosen the Department of Public Policy is because of the class types. I get to learn about things that matter to me, like politics, the criminal justice system, and current economic issues. In class, we get to learn firsthand how processes work. One of my favorite class activities is pretending to be a member of the court, like the judge, defendant, or jury, and determining sentences and other outcomes. Students get a good grasp of how it is in real life. The world of criminal justice is exciting and always changing. I find myself enjoying my classes. Because of all the resources, skills and techniques I have learned, and opportunities, I feel like when I graduate I will be prepared for a job that will make a difference.”

Marysia Zilka, Criminal Justice Major, Class of 2014