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Legal Studies/Pre-Law Advising

Professor Brian Fife serves as the Legal Studies advisor for the Department of Public Policy. Students in this major are welcome to meet with him, as well as the Coordinator of Advising and Student Services if they have questions about their academic progress or plans for the future.

20180117-Fife-Brian-JW-03Dr. Brian L. Fife
Professor / Director of Graduate Studies



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Student Testimonial

“A few things have definitely made a positive influence in my experience in the public policy department. One specific example would be the professors. Professor Rayburn was one of my first professors at IPFW, and after taking one class with her I was able to completely decide what my major would be. Her class led me to pursue my education in the public policy department. At this time I can honestly say I have no regrets making the decision to continue on in this department. “

Alysa Holloway, Class of 2014