School of Education

Elementary or Secondary Education Master's Degree


A Master’s degree in Elementary or Secondary Education enhances teaching practice and academic credentials. Our program provides educators with the tools and resources to engage and inspire students. At Purdue University Fort Wayne, choose a program that is:

  • Built for teachers by teachers. Your Master’s coursework will have you applying your learning through practical projects that you can use immediately in your classroom and school.
  • The next step in your career with the university you know and districts respect. Establish or strengthen your connection to Fort Wayne’s premier institution of higher learning. You can access campus resources and events, and walk the stage at graduation with your classmates, family, and friends cheering you on.
  • A supportive community of educators. Get to know a group of professors and colleagues who are as committed to teaching and learning as you are, and understand the both the joys and the challenges you experience every day. 

Learn with, and from, professional educators in your region—mostly online. Our hybrid program allows you to get to know your professors and classmates through a limited number of face-to-face meetings, but complete most classwork through asynchronous online instruction and assignments.    


The College of Professional Studies has earned national accreditation by demonstrating excellence in the areas of content and pedagogy, clinical experiences, selectivity, program impact, and capacity for continuous improvement.

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