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IPFW Ed Leadership AlumAssessment is integral to having an effective education program at all levels, from preschool through higher education. In the Professional Studies Department, we use an outside vendor to help us collect and store students’ assessments so that we can make effective decisions about how to improve our teaching and programs. These data also are used in our accreditation

You will be required to purchase a subscription to Taskstream for each semester you are in the Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, and Special Education programs. There are options related to purchasing a subscription. Instructions for creating a Taskstream account can be found here (Sign-up Instructions).

Your course instructors will talk about Taskstream and the specific assessments you will upload to this data collection system. We have included additional resources to help you with the technical aspect of using this system.

After creating your account, you will also need to enroll yourself in the appropriate Direct Response Folio (DRF). This is the program or folder where you will see relevant Key Assessments and upload your work. Instructions for enrolling in a DRF can be found here (DRF Self-enrollment Instructions and Self-enrollment codes).

Taskstream How-To Guides

Student Instructions:

Video Compression Instructions:

Taskstream support can be contacted at any time by calling 1-800-311-5656 or by emailing