College of Professional Studies

Educational Leadership

Since 1967, our students, faculty and staff have facilitated the future. Here, we prepare the next generation. We nurture the public. We make an impact. Join the ranks of our distinguished graduates working as educational leaders of highly effective P-12 schools.

npbea_logo*This program is nationally recognized as a high-quality program through the National Policy Board for Educational Administration (NPBEA). 



Educational Leadership Alumni

Diamond Robinson

Southwick Elementary Principal

East Allen County Schools

The Educational Leadership program has, as its highest priority, the academic foundation and practical experience necessary to prepare its candidates for an Indiana license as a Building Level Administrator. Through an accelerated cohort, or self-paced pathway, you can attain a M.S. in Educational Leadership that connects extensive field experience in regional schools with the learning expectations of each academic course and open the door to a rewarding profession.

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