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Photo of Kerrie Fineran, Ph.D.Dr. Kerrie Fineran
Assistant Professor / School Counseling Coordinator / Program Director



Student TestimonialPhoto of Julie Miller

If it was not for the phenomenal training that I have experienced over the past three years through Purdue University Fort Wayne, I cannot imagine trying to take on the huge responsibility that is required as a practicing school counselor. The counseling education program has taught me to be a team player, active listener, and empathetic counselor. I have learned microskills and counseling theories to provide me with a backbone for practicing true mental health therapy. In addition to learning these vital components, this program goes one step further and supervises each budding counselor practicing skills for a full year before releasing them into an internship setting. I have been diligently encouraged and supervised practicing counseling skills to the point that I now can understand and describe my personal style of counseling.

Julia Miller