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Human Services Careers

Careers in Human Services – A Win-Win for Communities and Professionals


Are you motivated to help members of your community improve their lives or the lives of their families?  Do you wish you could advocate for clients by helping them obtain available services through their local community and government?  Would you like the option of working at a variety of agencies?  As an Purdue Fort Wayne graduate who holds a degree in human services, you could travel these paths and more.

Virtually any social services setting in the United States would be a good match for the education and skills that you acquire while earning your Purdue Fort Wayne degree in human services.  You may choose to work with developmentally disabled children physically and emotionally abused women, or individuals who are coping with chronic medical problems.  Perhaps you would like to focus on incarcerated adolescents, work as a probation officer, or help individuals transition through a drug rehabilitation program.  The calling you hear may be to work in gerontology services as a life-skills instructor, residential manager, activities coordinator, or adult day care worker.

Some professionals in human services prefer working with clients on a one-to-one basis – helping them manage services they already receive, or navigate the benefits system during a crisis intervention.  Others may set their career sights on working in community or governmental infrastructures, becoming involved in funding acquisitions, promoting neighborhood development, or providing community education.

Purdue Fort Wayne’s Department of Human Services invites you to talk with us, whether you want to investigate a new career in human services, or expand your existing career in this challenging and rewarding field.

The options are endless, the future is yours!