College of Professional Studies

How many hours do we require each semester for clinical and internship?

  • 90 hours per semester Sophomore and Senior year in the program.
  • About 6-8 hours a week.

Do we need to find our own site placements?

  • No, we will look over your application that you hand in and decide the placement.

What is the difference between clinical and internship?

  • Clinical is your first year placement and you will be learning the basics of the organization you are at and making connections with those in the community.
  • Internship will be more hands on with your site. You will also be responsible for a project that benefits your site and clients there. This will be presented at the end of your senior year at the Capstone event.

Are all the sites located in Fort Wayne? What if I do not live in Fort Wayne?

  • They are not all located in Fort Wayne. We will try to place you at a site in your preferred location if there is one available.

Why is Clinical and Internship required?

  • We want you to be as marketable as possible when you graduate. Organizations are looking for experience and this is your chance to be ahead of others applying for a position.

How will I know where I am placed?

  • Once placements are completed you will receive an email stating where you are placed and who to contact there.

What are the requirements needed before I can be in clinical or internship?

  • Mandatory February Call-Out Meeting
  • Mandatory Summer orientation (clinical only)
  • Application
  • 2-step TB test
  • 10-panel drug screening
  • Background check
  • Unofficial transcript
  • Program GPA 2.8
  • Cumulative GPA 2.0 and in good academic standing

What are the classes required to start clinicals?

  • HSRV 10000
  • HSRV 10300
  • HSRV 10500
  • PSY 12000
  • SOC 16100
  • ENGL 13100
  • COM 11400

Who do I contact with any questions I have?