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Lindsay McKenna, M.S.Lindsay McKenna

Academic Advisor 

  • Office:  Neff Hall, 243C
  • Phone: 260-481-6168
  • Fax: 260-481-5408
  • E-mail: mckeln01@pfw.edu
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Lindsay serves as an academic advisor for the departments of Human Services and Hospitality and Tourism Management. It is her mission to be a valuable resource to students and to facilitate in their success. Lindsay earned her Bachelor's and Master's degree in Biology at IPFW.

Since 2009, Lindsay has been traveling to Costa Rica to help conduct research on nesting sea turtles. When she graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in 2013, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in biology with a focus on sea turtles- specifically the hatchlings. She studied the vocalization patterns of sea turtle embryos and hatchlings. She was even filmed by a production company for a BBC documentary highlighting her research.

Lindsay has a passion for the beach, sea turtles, and marine life. However, it was during her graduate studies that she realized her other passion- working with students. In Costa Rica, she had the chance to work with students of all age ranges. Different school groups would come to volunteer and help with patrolling the beach, collecting data, and going on educational field trips. As a graduate student, Lindsay got the opportunity to teach a few biology labs at Purdue University Fort Wayne, which she enjoyed so much! 

Lindsay is still involved in research in her free time. In the summer, she works as a teen team facilitator through the Earthwatch Institute, where she travels to different research projects with teenagers from around the world who have a passion for scientific research. This work has given her the opportunity to study sharks in Belize, sea turtles in The Bahamas, and work at an archaeological center in Colorado.

 When not working, Lindsay enjoys spending time with family and friends, playing on multiple sports teams, and planning her next beach trip!