School of Education

Secondary Education

Part of our secondary education program requires you to complete a double degree in certain content areas.

If you want to become secondary education teacher in the content areas listed below (see #1) you must complete a double degree simultaneously - one degree will be in a content area of your choice and the other degree will be in secondary education.  You will be completing requirements in both colleges at the same time and you will have two advisors helping you complete your BA/BS degree programs.  

1.  You will obtain a BA or BS degree in one specific content area from the options below:  (grades 5-12)

    2.  You will also obtain a BSEd degree in Secondary Education (grades 5-12).

    Other secondary programs you can choose from which do not require a double degree are:

    • Earth and Space Science (grades 5-12)
    • Education Studies (non-licensure)
    • Middle School Generalist (grades 5-9).                                                                                                                         You will choose 2 out of the 4 content areas below:
                1 Language Arts
                2 Mathematics
                3 Science
                4 Social Studies
    • Music Education:  Instrumental or Vocal (grades P-12)
    • Visual Arts - aka Art Education (grades P-12) 

    Special Education - Mild Intervention minor may be added to any major 

    English as a New Language certificate may be added to any major 

    Both myBLUEprint and your 4 year plan contain the most current requirements for you to complete your degree. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor at least once per semester for academic advising, as well as to secure permission to enter classes that require departmental permission. For a full explanation of classes needed for the major/minor/certificate of choice please check the Purdue University Fort Wayne Bulletins located at

    Secondary Education Program Assessment System Handbook

    Please contact Jim Beard with any questions.

    Jim Beard, M.A.Beard-James-JW-04
    Advisor for Secondary Educ. / Director of Licensing

    Photo of a secondary education student tutoring an eighth grade student in the IPFW New Immigrant program.A secondary education student tutoring an eighth grade student in the New Immigrant Literacy program.