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Criminal History Background Report

Criminal History Reports (aka CHRs) must be obtained from Safe Hiring Solutions (aka SHS) unless you are an Early Childhood Education (ECE) major being placed in a Head Start setting (scroll down to read information about ECE majors and Dual majors near the bottom of this page).  

What to expect after you start your CHR application............

You will receive 2 sets of 2  separate emails.  One set of 2 emails (1 will be a link & user name and 1 will be a password) will be from  In the next few days you will receive another set of 2 emails (1 will be a link and 1 will be a password) will be from (this is the DCS portion of your application).  You MUST fill out both portions of your application in order for your CHR to process.  If you don't receive these emails, check your spam/junk file in case it went there instead of your inbox.  If you still don't have any emails from the addresses above, call SHS at 1-888-215-8296 and they can re-send you the emails you need.


LINK to the Criminal History Report  

Please use either Google Chrome or Firefox to fill out your application.  Both of these web browsers are compatible with Safe Hiring Solutions' program plus they both update automatically.
Criminal History Reports are valid for 1 year from the order date.

The email address in the Applicant Details must be your personal email address and not your student email address for the college/university.  If you do not have a personal email address, you can obtain a free g-mail address so this process can be completed.

NOTICE:  If you do not have a credit card and need to pay by check or other means, contact Safe Hiring Solutions at 1-888-215-8296 and they will assist you with alternate payment instructions.


If you are an ECE major or dual major who is being placed in a Head Start setting, you must follow two different procedures because of having placements in both a Head Start setting and a public/private P-12 school district setting. 

  1. For an early childhood (Head Start) setting experience, please see these instructions on how to obtain the National Criminal History Check through MorphoTrust.  These reports will go directly to the FSSA.  
  2. For a field experience or student teaching experience in a public/private P-12 school district, click on the Safe Hiring Solutions link above.  This report includes a Federal District Courts search.

EVERYONE:  Don’t forget to obtain, fill out, sign, and submit a Criminal History Release Form too. You can either click on the link, print it, fill it out, and turn it in to Natalie Brewer or a hard copy of this form can be obtained by contacting Natalie Brewer, Field Placement Coordinator at 260-481-4137,, or stopping by her office located in Neff Hall, Room 270B.  If you have previously completed a release form, you don’t need to do another oneEveryone is required to to have a release form on file per FERPA regulations