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Certification Only

If you have a non-education baccalaureate degree, you have the choice of completing a certification-only option that leads to an Indiana teaching license. This option is for either Early Childhood Generalist (P-3), Elementary Generalist (K-6), Middle School Only (5-9), or Secondary (5-12).  This option is a non-degree undergraduate program that leads to an Indiana teaching license.  It follows the same set of EDU courses that degree seekers take without requiring general education or content specific courses.

Admission to the Program Requirements

  1. Bachelor's Degree
  2. Pass a basic skills assessment exam or approved alternative measure.
  3. Take one or more content specific exams relevant to the subject of the license.  NOTE:  All content exams must be passed prior to Student Teaching
Early Childhood Certification (P-3)
Elementary Certification
Secondary Certification
Middle School Only
(grades 5 -9)
(grades 5 - 12)
Number of credit hours 51 credits 61 credits 36 credits
Minimum number of semesters 4 semesters 5 semesters 3 semesters if started in Spring term       4 semesters if started in Fall term
Student teaching Yes, one semester Yes, one semester Yes, one semester
Course Requirements Early Childhood Certification Elementary Certification

Secondary Education Certification Areas:

Middle School Only
(choose 2 content areas below)
Language Arts
Science Social Studies/ Historical Perspectives (choose 1 minor from the 4 choices below)
World Languages
Language Arts English
(Language Arts)
Mathematics Biology
(Life Science)
Economics Spanish
Math Chemistry Political Science
Science   Earth Space Science Sociology
Social Studies   Physics Psychology

Contact Jim Beard at 260-481-4100 or for further information!

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Photo of an IPFW student teaching science to second grade students.A student teaching science to second graders.