College of Professional Studies

Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management


Program Requirements

Students enrolled in the HTM program are required to consult their advisor to choose appropriate general education courses and to seek guidance in choosing from the three concentrations proposed to students in their sophomore year within the program.  The concentrations offered are:

  • Hotel and Resort Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Tourism and Destination Management

Students follow a prescribed progression in their second, third, and fourth year completing the course requirement corresponding to to the concentration they have chosen.  In addition, the third and fourth years of the program offer students opportunities to select HTM electives.

To graduate, a student admitted to the HTM major must complete the required courses in chronological order as prescribed, while also respecting the co- and prerequisites. 

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 or higher is required in the 120 credits applying to the HTM degree.

All HTM degree requirements must be completed within 8 years of first registration into the HTM program

PFW General Education Requirements:  Credits 33

Note:  Course Sequencing

  • HM1 (Gen. Ed. A1, A3, B4, B6, B7)
  • HM2 (Gen. Ed. A2, B5, and 2 additional Gen. Ed. courses)
  • HM3 (1 Additional Gen. Ed. course)
  • HM3 (Gen. Ed. C8)

See General Education Requirements for approved courses in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 

HTM Major and Supporting Courses:  Credits 51

HTM Concentration Requirements:  Credits 36

Total Credits:  120

Public Disclosure

The Hospitality Management degree program has developed extraordinary teaching and learning opportunities that require students to participate and work in the industry as part of courses

We are required to consult the Zachary’s List and must deny access to individuals on this list to participate in internships, practicums and volunteer activities that place students in structured and semi-structured settings with children.

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As a direct consequence we have changed the registration requirement for (HTM 21400, HTM 18100, HTM 49400); internships/practicum (HTM 30100 and HTM 30200); HTM 310000 (F&B Operation Management), HTM 420000 (Event Management), HTM 31500 (Club Management) and HTM 376000, 37700 and 37800 (Florida semester courses) to “with departmental permission” from Summer 2012 onwards.

For all these courses, the department is now required to consult Zachary’s list and may not admit anyone on this list that applies to his or her course.

We strongly recommend that students who register for the Hospitality Management Degree program take the above into consideration as it may deny them the opportunity to complete the program and therefore to graduate.

If you are in any doubt or have any further questions please set up a meeting with either the Dean of Students or the Department Chair.