College of Professional Studies

The College of Professional Studies’ Commitment to Equity and Justice:

The College of Professional Studies shares in the pain and anguish of the loss of human life in police-involved shootings.

The brutal killing of George Floyd in Minnesota in May 2020 along with the ensuing demonstrations and riots that erupted across the country, and rocked our city of Fort Wayne, are a strong testament to the enormity of the unfinished business in seeking lasting solutions to racial relations, and in particular, the relations between the police and communities of color.

  • We grieve with Mr. Floyd’s family and the families of innumerable others who have recently and historically lost their lives in similar circumstances.
  • We condemn the historical and systemic injustice represented in acts of brutality by the police against unarmed African Americans.
  • We understand that people who yearn for a just society and human dignity are justifiably angry.
  • We recognize the need for an unrelenting search for social justice.
  • We stand with those who seek the unbridled embrace of diversity and inclusion of all people, cultures, and perspectives in Fort Wayne, northeastern Indiana, and beyond.
  • As a college, we recognize the strides achieved by local organizations, such as Mayor Henry’s initiative Fort Wayne UNITED, in creating meaningful intervention against unreasonable loss of human life.
  • We appreciate the Fort Wayne Police Department’s multicultural liaison and other strategic efforts at creating collaborations with communities of color in a sustained search for a more just treatment of African Americans and members of other racial minority groups.
  • We acknowledge faculty on our campus whose research and scholarship increase our understanding of race relations and help in our resolve to ensure that every person on this campus and in our society is accorded human dignity and treated with decorum.
  • We also recognize the members of this college whose community-engaged activities help bridge the social gap between the agents of law enforcement and the racial minority youth in our community in furtherance of the college mantra, collective impact.

As we reflect upon the enduring manifestations of racism especially in the wake of the current public health crisis, we call upon the members of our community to remain one another’s keeper and to maintain vigilance in the renewed fight for lasting change, equity, and justice.  

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