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Doermer School of Business MBA Programs

Program Policies

Course Load

Most MBA students are employed full time and normally take a maximum course load of 6 credits (two courses) per semester and 3 credits (one course) per summer session. However, students may elect to pursue full time study in the program. Enrollment in 9 credits is considered full time.

Courses are scheduled to accommodate the needs of part-time students. Since the school cannot guarantee that all courses will  be available to all students at all times, students must accept the risk that in a given semester or session, scheduled courses may not be compatible with courses needed. Careful planning in consultation with the MBA advisor and participation in early registration will minimize the likelihood of this becoming a problem.

Transfer Credit

Students who hold advanced degrees or have earned credits beyond requirements for their bachelor's degree may apply for transfer credits. A maximum of 6 credits in such graduate courses completed with grades of B or better from an AACSB-accredited institution may be accepted for transfer. Within these limits, acceptability and applicability of transfer credits are determined by the director in consultation with appropriate faculty.

Within the limitation noted above, students seeking approval to complete degree requirements by taking a course at another AACSB-accredited institution must submit a written request and a copy of the institution's course syllabus to the director in advance of taking the course. The request for this exception must identify (1) the institution, (2) the specific course(s) that will be taken, and (3) the Purdue Fort Wayne requirement(s) to which it or they will apply.

Academic Standards

A candidate for the MBA must maintain a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.0 or better. The graduate GPA is calculated based solely on completed graduate-level courses. Students whose graduate GPA falls below 3.0 will be placed on academic probation and must bring their grade-point average back to 3.0 within the next 6 credits of course work. Failure to remove the GPA deficiency within the next 6 credits may result in immediate dismissal. Graduate level courses in which students earn grades of D or F must be repeated. Grades of D or F will be included in the calculation of the student's graduate GPA.

Time Allowed for Completion of Degree

Students are permitted up to 48 months to complete all requirements. This 48-month period commences once students begin taking any modules or core courses. The schedule of classes has been designed to make it possible for full-time working professionals, if they wish, to complete the MBA program in 18 months to two years.

Students who fail to attend graduate business classes for two regular consecutive semesters must reapply for admission or have their original application renewed.