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William Todorovic, Ph.D.

Associate Professorfaculty  photo of assistant professor, William Todorovic

Department: Management
Office: Neff Hall 340L
Office Phone: 260-481-6940
Office Fax: 260-481-6879
E-mail: todorovz@ipfw.edu
Year Beginning at IPFW: 2004



Zelimir William Todorovic is an associate professor of Indiana University- Purdue University, Fort Wayne. Before receiving his Ph.D. from the University of Waterloo, Canada, Dr. Todorovic was a three time entrepreneur. He continues to lead a federally registered Canadian not-for profit organization, which provides humanitarian aide and training in the regions of Eastern Europe.

His research interests include the development of entrepreneurially oriented culture within colleges and universities, and an effective entrepreneurship education and development. He has published numerous papers in respected Canadian, American and UK academic journals, and served as a special issue editor for the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship and the Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business.

Dr. Todorovic served as a keynote speaker (plenary series) at the Colleague Centre, Novi Sad, Serbia. He also held two day faculty training seminars at the Nanjing University of Technology (Nanjing, China), and Huaian Normal University (Huaian, China). Dr. Todorovic also served as a visiting scholar at ZheJiang Gongshang University, Hangzhou, China (December 2009-January 2010).

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