Department of Economics and Finance

The Korean Economy and Culture (ECON E477) introduces business students to the Korean economy, language and culture. The purpose is to increase students’ knowledge of Korean economy and culture so that they can engage in more effective economic activities with Korea and Asian countries. This course emphasizes the importance of appreciation for cultural diversity, especially the importance of understanding cultural and historical contexts in different countries as they shape economics and business. Course learning includes campus based meetings for economic and cultural study during Summer semester, a two week intensive study abroad experience in Korea, and debriefing sessions after return to the United States. Approximately 10 students will be selected to participate each year. They may be at the undergraduate or graduate level and they must be business or economics majors enrolled in business courses.

Contact Dr. Myeong Hwan Kim for more information.

Students attending the Korean Economy and Culture were


ECON E477_2017

ECON E477_2017-3

ECON E477_2017-4

Bernadette Becker, Taylor Dini, Anthony Hartle, Jiawei Li, Phillip Litchfield, Aaron Ostermeyer, Daniel Rekeweg and Eric Hoover


ECON E477_2016

Elizabeth Barrett, Taylor Busch, Nicole Dailey, Kasey Gerding, Emily Kammer, Travis McBride, Mikala Page, Amber Ramsey, Crystal Reinhard and Dakota Wortinger


ECON E477_2015

Marcela Betancourt, Devin Bultemeier, Zachary Chrzan, Collin Cohen-Goetz, Danielle Dickow, Matthew Furge, Dominique Goodlow, Kevin McCullough and Ryan Schleter


ECON E477_2014

Joshua Bertsch, Ciara Cox, Seth Goble, Miguel Gonzalez, Christopher Happenau, Drake Powell, Timo Rutkowski, Christopher Shirey, Vi Tran and Jordan Wills


ECON E477_2013

Blair Clark, Nicholas Edwards, Nicole Hayden, Yiwen Hong, Aaron Kennerk, David Lutz, Holly Riggen, Kelli Schey and Troy Vian


ECON E477_2012

Holly Friddle, Eunji Kong, Allison Landis, Melissa Mason, Jordyn Myers, Tiffany Rumschlag, Eric Witte, Lindsay Chitwood and Joseph Minick


ECON E477_2011

Amy Biddle, Jason Kochenderfer, Christina Landrigan, Shahin Modarressi, Thomas Motter, Kelli Paduano, Carla Vieyra, Noah Diehm, Anthony Megna and Ross Peterman