Doermer School of Business

Support for Economic Development

In the following, we illustrate the manner in which the education and learning of the IPFW Doermer School of Business and Management Sciences support regional economic development (mission) and in pursuing such how the School is recognized and in time may be known as a leading urban regional school of business (vision).
Mission and goals in the School's Strategic Plan that relate to connecting curricula, constituency, instruction, and learning to regional economic development appear below.
Mission: To strive for excellence in business education and to support regional economic development.
Goal 1:   Curriculum
Continuously improve our undergraduate and graduate business curricula consistent with changes in the business environment.
Goal 2:   Faculty/Staff Development
Recruit, develop, and retain faculty and staff who continuously improve the teaching, intellectual contribution, and service effectiveness of the School.
Enhance professional faculty interaction with external constituents including service to professional and regional business communities.
Goal 3:   External Relationships
Build and strength relationships that facilitate exchange of knowledge with the business community, professional organizations, and other constituents, in order to support regional economic growth, through:
  Application of the faculty’s professional expertise in support of regional economic growth.
  Application of the professional knowledge and practices in the community in support of the Doermer School’s educational programming.
  Doermer School will disseminate its academic excellence, programs, activities and accomplishments to the University and external constituents.
 We support regional economic development in several ways and in doing so our students, faculty, and students have earned awards and recognitions.