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Interdisciplinary Work at IPFW

We are attempting to define what the concept of "interdisciplinary" means at IPFW and what obstacles currently prohibit interdisciplinary work at IPFW. The goal is to remove obstacles and make it easier for faculty, departments, and students to pursue interdisciplinary teaching, learning, and research and creative endeavor.

Status: We held three forums to begin the process of defining interdisciplinary and identifying obstacles. We are now asking faculty to review the notes from the forums to help identify themes.

Please read through the comments about a definition of "interdisciplinary" and send themes you see to (put "interdisciplinary definition" in the subject line). If you want to suggest a definition, please send that to as well.

Please read through the list of obstacles and identify no more than five of them as the ones that are most important to address. Send the list to (put "obstacles" in the subject line).

Please access the notes from the three open forums here.

Key Information: Please submit feedback to by Friday, October 27. For more information, please see the email from Andy Downs dated October 5.

How We Got Here: In Spring 2017, the Senate led the Academic Reorganization Process, which revealed that there is a great deal of interest in pursuing interdisciplinary work at IPFW. For more information, please see the final Senate report and recommendations on Academic Reorganization.

For More Information: Contact Andy Downs, Speaker of the Indiana University Faculty,