Fort Wayne Senate

Academic Regulations Minors


  • 11.0: Minors
  • 11.1: Establishment. A minor-subject program may be established by any academic unit at IPFW subject to approval by the college/school/division containing the unit, to approval by the Curriculum Review Subcommittee, to acceptance by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and to publication of requirements for completion of the program in the Bulletin or its supplement. Completion of any minor must require a minimum of 12 credits, including at least six resident credits at the 200-level or above.
  • 11.2: Certification. A student may earn a minor by requesting acceptance into the minor form the academic unit offering the minor.  If accepted, the unit offering the minor will submit the appropriate electronic Form 42 to the Office of the Registrar to add the minor to the student's current degree program.  An academic unit may authorize a student's major advising unit to add the minor by submitted a Form 42 for the student.  This authorization would be stated in the offering unit's minor requirements listed in the Bulletin.
    • At the same time as degree certification is processed, the degree-granting unitl shall certify the student's completion of all minor requirements. Certification shall be based on completion of the minor program requirements in effect for the bulletin of the student's current degree program.
  • 11.3: Transcript entry. Concurrent with completion of degree requirements, the Registrar shall make an appropriate entry on the student's transcript to signal completion of the minor. No entry shall be made on the transcript if the minor is not completed by the time the student is certified for graduation.