Fort Wayne Senate

Academic Regulations Encumbrance


  • 13.0: Encumbrance
  • 13.1: Request for encumbrance. The request for the encumbrance of a student record shall be filed with the Registrar's office and shall indicate whether either or both the registration of the student and/or the issuance of a transcript or diploma is to be encumbered. Because the encumbrance shall remain in effect until the Registrar is notified by the officer responsible to disencumber the record, it is the responsibility of the officer lifting the encumbrance immediately to notify the Registrar.
  • 13.2: Effect upon graduation. A student in arrears to IPFW shall not receive a diploma. The clearance of a student's financial obligation on or before the Friday before Commencement shall be essential for graduation. If a student so delinquent clears the obligation later, the diploma will be released.