Instructional Technology Coordinating Committee

Technology-Assisted Teaching

Which technologies can I expect to find in a classroom with installed technology? To see a list of the hardware available, go Classroom Computers Web site.

Who can show me how to use the technology installed in the classroom? You may call the Classroom Support Hotline (at the Help Desk) at (260) 481-6969 to arrange a day and time for training.

Who do I call if I have a problem with technology I am using in the classroom? If you are in a classroom with a touch screen display on the podium, press the Help button and a technician will come to your aid. If the classroom does not have a touch screen, or if you have a problem with a computer or projector on a cart, call the Classroom Support Hotline at (260) 481-6969. You may call (260) 481-6030 as an alternate. 

Which classrooms have or do not have installed technology? Classrooms with technology installed are listed on the Facilities Web site.

How do I get computers, projectors, and other audio visual technologies brought to the classroom? For classrooms without installed technology, call (260) 481-6519 in SB G43 to arrange for equipment delivery to your classroom. If you use the site's online reservation form, your request will be processed the next business day in the order received. You may make “standing requests” for a semester. The site also has details on what equipment is available.

How can I best use an iPad or other mobile device to support teaching in the classroom? For technical support refer to the Mobile Device section of the Hardware portion of the Information Technology (IT) Services Knowledge Base or call the Help Desk at (260) 481-6030. To discuss your ideas with a CELT consultant, complete a Design & Technology Consultation request. iPad training is available from ITS.

How do I record my lectures for students to view online? Using the Tegrity software, you can record and distribute classroom lectures for your students to view online. Insturctors and students can access Tegrity and can also see a demonstration of this software. For more information, contact Mike Phillips, Media Services Technologist, at (260) 481-0209. To make your video available for streaming, use the Media Vault. Instructions for uploading a video to the Media Vault can be found in the ITS Knowledge Base.

Where can I get a camera for classroom recording? Faculty can borrow digital video cameras for classroom recordings. In most cases you must provide your own operator and media. Students may borrow video equipment to use in curriculum-related projects from Studio M in Walb 220, or by calling (260) 481-0114.

How can I prepare video segments from a DVD to be viewed online? If you have a video or DVD that you would like to make available to your students via streaming, please call (260) 481-6354 to schedule an appointment with a CELT consultant who can walk you through the process, or complete the online request form.

Where can I scan a document or image for use in a classroom? There are two self-serve flatbed scanners available on a first-come, first serve basis at the Instructional Technology Services (ITS) Helpdesk in KT 206. Also available is a DVD/CD-ROM duplicator." Faculty and staff who are working on instructional or research projects may use Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT)'s self-serve flatbed, document, and slide-scanner by makin an online request. Training and assistance is available from CELT. Student Labs also have Scanners.

Who do I call to schedule a computer lab for teaching my class? To schedule a teaching lab, call the Registrar’s office at (260) 481-6123 or complete an online Room Reservation Request. For a description of the teaching labs, go to Teaching Labs. Please be aware that the use of Neff B73 requires a special instructor's username and password which is provided by the Registrar's Office when scheduling the room.

Can I schedule a lab with Apple Macintosh computers for teaching my class? To schedule NF B73, which features high end Apple Macintosh computers, call Natalie Dilling in the Registrar’s office at (260) 481-6123.

Who do I call when there are technology problems in the lab where I am teaching? If you have problems when you are using the Neff computer classrooms, contact the Help Desk (260) 481-6030 or the student consultant in Neff B71 (260) 481-5431, if on duty during your class. Please be aware that student consultants may not be on duty during the first week of classes.