Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee

Pride Plus Award

Download the Administrative Support nomination form.

Download the Service Support nomination form.


The Purdue Fort Wayne Pride Plus Award is given in conjunction with the Community Advisory Council, the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Financial Affairs, and Development. The purpose, procedures, and eligibility guidelines for nominating and selecting recipients are outlined below.

Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of the award is to honor administrative and service support staff members for excellence in service to the university community. All fully benefited members of the Purdue Fort Wayne campus support staff who have completed one year of service are eligible for nomination. Previous recipients will not be eligible for nomination in the three years immediately following their award, but will be eligible thereafter. Nominees are judged on the basis of their performance in the three-year period directly preceding their nomination.

Nominating Procedures

  • Eligible campus personnel may be self-nominated or nominated by another Purdue Fort Wayne employee.
  • The nomination should consist of the nomination form and not more than two additional pages of support. CSSAC will solicit a statement of support from the nominee's department supervisor, if not included, to complete the nomination package. 
  • The selection committee will seek additional information from supervisors and co-workers.

Selection Process

  • The Selection Committee is comprised of CSSAC representatives. The Selection Committee will screen the nominations and recommend for consideration one administrative and one service support staff persons to the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee.
  • In the event of a tie, the CSSAC presiding chair will cast the deciding vote.
  • In the event a member of CSSAC is a nominee, that person will not be involved in the selection process.
  • The winners will be informed of their status after the spring semester.