Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee


What is CSSAC?

CSSAC stands for the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee. This volunteer group of your fellow campus support staff employees works with university administrators to help improve employment conditions at Purdue Fort Wayne. CSSAC is the vehicle through which your concerns are heard by the University administration. The committee meets monthly and includes representatives for each building on campus. During the meetings, members report on ongoing projects, share ideas, and propose ways to improve the university and its policies affecting employees. CSSAC members must keep up on a number of issues and policies. For that reason, they are ready and willing to discuss your concerns. Some of the areas CSSAC addresses are benefits, such as vacation and sick leave policy and "perks", such as employee discounts at area businesses. No matter where you work at Purdue Fort Wayne, you are represented by a CSSAC member. Seek them out and learn more about the Campus Support Staff Advisory Committee.


CSSAC was established in 1965 at Purdue.  The purposes and responsibilities of this committee are as follows:

  • To provide members of the campus support staff community with a means of representative participation through suggestion and advice in the formulation or change of policies affecting conditions of employment.
  • To provide an effective means of communication between campus support staff and the University administration.
  • To act in an advisory capacity and make recommendations to the Human Resources Department which has the assigned responsibility for planning and recommending policies concerning personnel and staff benefits.

How can I serve on CSSAC?

Each spring CSSAC accepts nominations of interested candidates to succeed CSSAC members whose terms expire in the fall or who leave CSSAC. The committee then recommends the candidates to the Director of Human Resources, who makes the official appointments. CSSAC members serve two to three-year terms and about one-half to one-third are replaced each year. If you are interested in serving, please contact Human Resources to apply.

What has CSSAC done for employees?

Major accomplishments initiated by CSSAC:

  • Co-sponsored Health Benefits Forum
  • Created CSSAC educational grants for campus support staff employees
  • Created CSSAC grants and scholarships for students who are dependents of campus support staff and retirees
  • Helped establish fee remission for student children of part-time staff
  • Extended group medical and life insurance coverage for employees who retire early
  • Established the two-tier premium structure for medical insurance
  • Removed the 1,000 hour cap on sick leave conversion upon retirement
  • Created The Bridge suggestion system
  • Established a personal holiday

This is only a partial list of accomplishments. Remember, these accomplishments began with the ideas of employees like you who wanted to make a good situation working at Purdue Fort Wayne better.

CSSAC Subcommittees


Since its inception, the Dependent Grant Program has awarded several thousand dollars to dependents of campus support staff employees. Also, this same program offers campus support staff employees opportunities to apply for grants to be used toward credit classes at Purdue Fort Wayne.

Pride Plus:

Annual recognition award to honor an administrative support and service support member for excellence in service to the university community.

Campus Committees:

CSSAC members serve on University Committees: Advisory Committee on Equity, Campus Communication, Campus Safety, Faculty Senate, Traffic Appeals, Diversity Council, University Council, Calendar Subcommittee, University Resource Policy; and on other committees that benefit your life at Purdue Fort Wayne.

Remember . . . we are working for you!!!