Administrative & Professional Staff Advisory Council (APSAC)

Administrative Excellence Award

Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the award is to honor administrative staff members for excellence in job performance, excellence in service, and/or outstanding contributions to the university.


All members of the Purdue Fort Wayne Administrative & Professional Staff Advisory Council as defined under Article II of the Constitution are eligible for nomination for the award.

  1. Previous recipients shall not be eligible for nomination in the three years following their award but shall be eligible in succeeding years.
  2. Nominees shall be judged on the basis of their performance in the three year period directly preceding the nomination.
  3. Additionally, no departmental quotas shall exist regarding the number of nominations submitted.

Nomination procedures

  1. Eligible administrators may be self-nominated or nominated by another Purdue Fort Wayne employee using the online submission form.
  2. The Administrative Excellence Award sub-committee shall consist of at least three members, one of whom shall be drawn from the elected membership of the APSAC steering committee. The membership of the sub-committee shall include representatives of at least three different divisions of the University. If possible, the sub-committee will include one or more past recipients of the Administrative Excellence Award.
  3. In the event that a member of either the sub-committee or the steering committee is a nominee, that person shall not participate in either the selection or the approval process.


The Recipient of the Award shall receive the following:

  • An Administrative Excellence Award plaque
  • $250 monetary award ( via paycheck minus associated taxes)
  • Name added to Administrative Excellence Award Honorees plaque in KT Faculty/Staff lounge
  • Awardee will be informed of this honor prior to the registration deadline for the recognition luncheon.  Awardee and one guest will be invited to attend the Staff Recognition Luncheon as guests of the committee.



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Congratulations, Melinda!

Melinda Conley is the winner of the 2019 Administrative Excellence Award.