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Civics Literacy

Civics Literacy

Civics Literacy


Welcome to the Civics Literacy Proficiency homepage

In June 2021, the Purdue University Board of Trustees adopted a civics literacy graduation requirement for undergraduates, including all transfer students. This requirement applies to all undergraduate students who enter Purdue University Fort Wayne in Fall 2022 or any subsequent semester.

The Civics Literacy Proficiency activities were created to enhance the educational experience of PFW students and graduate a more informed citizenry.

Activities and Outcomes

The activities and required tests to establish Civics Literacy Proficiency will build and increase your civics knowledge.

The Civics Literacy Proficiency activities will:

  • Increase your understanding of important contemporary political issues.
  • Identify opportunities to grow your engagement in American politics.
  • Expand your awareness of and options for civic participation.

Facts you need to know about the Civics Literacy Proficiency

  • The civics literacy program is a graduation requirement for all undergraduate students beginning in the fall of 2022. Once the activities are completed, a notation of Civics Literacy Proficiency will be placed on a student’s transcript.
  • Civics Literacy Proficiency activities are accessed via Brightspace. Students for whom Civics Literacy Proficiency is a graduation requirement will automatically see the Civics module in their Brightspace home page as well as a notation in their myBlueprint audits.

Too obtain the Civics Literacy Proficiency, students will complete an educational activity as part of their chosen Civics Literacy Pathway and pass the Purdue Civics knowledge test. The knowledge test can be completed at any time while the pathway is being pursued.

There are three different pathways:

  • Civics Event pathway - Attend four approved civics-related events and pass the required exam; or
  • Civics Literacy Recordings pathway - Complete four recordings located in the Civics Literacy Brightspace module and pass the required exam; or
  • Approved course pathway - Complete one of the following approved courses and pass the required exam.

Test Resources

PFW Civics Knowledge Test resources for students: