Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering Analysis Modeling and Simulation (SEAMS) Network provides engineering software capability and access across the Purdue Fort Wayne computing network.  In addition to hosting the application found in all of the systems engineering labs, it offers remote connections for faculty and students to work on powerful servers for advanced research opportunities using commercial-level software.


The following software list shows the current and planned software packages in use on the network, including both the labs and the high-performance computing (HPC) research platforms.

Software Vendor Purpose EDL SRL HPC
AnyLogic AnyLogic Event and agent-based simulation   X X
Acclaro DFSS Axiomatic Design Design for Six-Sigma   X  
DFMA Boothroyd Dewhurst Design for manufacture and assembly   X  
Abaqus Dassault Systèmes Finite element analysis (FEA)     X
Delmia Dassault Systèmes Manufacturing/process engineering     X
SolidWorks Dassault Systèmes 3D computer-aided drawing (CAD) X X  
DOORS IBM Requirements management X X  
Rational Rhapsody IBM Systems management and modeling X X  
MATLAB Mathworks Numerical/multi-purpose simulation X X X
MS Office Microsoft Reports and presentations X X  
MS Project Microsoft Scheduling X X  
MS Visio Microsoft Block diagrams X X  
Minitab Minitab Statistical analysis X X X
ProModel ProModel Event simulation X X X
Arena Rockwell Automation Event simulation X X  
Enterprise Architect Sparx Systems Systems management and modeling X X  
SYSPRO SYSPRO Enterprise resource planning (ERP) X