Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering

Enterprise Design and Leadership Lab

The Enterprise Design and Leadership (EDL) Lab is located in the Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science Building, Room 235 (ET 235).  The lab provides an environment dedicated to the diagnosis and design of enterprise systems.  Because the success of complex enterprise systems often hinges on the leadership of people, the lab is designed to unite people to a common vision of the enterprise system.  A common vision is only possible with open and extensive communication.

To promote this communication, the EDL Lab employs over 40 whiteboards to allow participants to brainstorm and share their ideas.  Even when using computers, wireless projection means that anyone can share what they are working on.  Since the lab is set up for video conferencing, that includes participants who may be thousands of miles away.

The lab's modular layout can be changed to accommodate many different educational and instructional needs: classes, workshops, seminars, conferences, and business meetings.  The lab can also be used for physical simulation of work and process flow.  And no engineering lab would be complete without a host of the latest software packages.

If you would like to use the EDL Lab for your event, please fill out the Lab Reservation Request form and return it to Jason Barnes at  Priority is given to activities that require more than can be provided by an ordinary classroom or conference room.