Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering

Educational Programs

Purdue Fort Wayne (PFW) offers a Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E.) specializing in Systems Engineering.  The program provides a core of Systems Engineering knowledge along with a flexible degree path to enhance any technical background.

Plan of Study

Successful completion of the M.S.E. degree specializing in Systems Engineering requires completion of the following courses:

  • Four core courses in Systems Engineering selected from:
    • SE 51000 - Introduction to Systems Engineering
    • SE 52000 - Engineering Economics
    • SE 53000 - Systems Engineering Management
    • SE 54000 - System Architecture
    • SE 55000 - Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Processes
  • Two electives in Engineering
  • Two electives in Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science
  • Two general electives

Thesis Option

A thesis option is available for students who would like to do research in the area of Systems Engineering.  Six hours of thesis research replaces the two general electives in the generic Plan of Study.  Thesis research can be focused on a project sponsored by the student's employer or in conjunction with work being done by the Center of Excellence in Systems Engineering.

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