Center for Social Research

Center Projects

Example Projects Conducted by the Center for Social Research

Sociology Program Review Surveys

The Sociology Department of IPFW contracted with the Center for Social Research to collect data from Sociology students majoring and minoring in Sociology about their experiences and attitudes about student recruitment, student retention, and student engagement.  A similar survey was also administered to all instructors teaching classes for the Sociology Department. The data will guide changes made to policies in the Department to improve the overall experience for students and to enhance student learning.

Alliance Project

The Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance contracted the Center for Social Research to gather information about Fort Wayne visitor experience. The Fort Wayne-Allen County Economic Development Alliance is working to make the downtown metropolitan area of Fort Wayne area more appealing to visitors. Two specific demographics were looked at for this survey young professionals (ages 21-35) living in major metropolitan areas within four hour drive of Fort Wayne, and empty nesters (ages 42-63) that live a hours drive or less from Fort Wayne.
815 young urban professionals and 404 empty nesters were questioned via random telephone survey. They were asked about their past experiences in Fort Wayne and the amenities the downtown area has to offer.

NAFC Project

The National Association of Forensic Counselors (NAFC) worked with the Center for Social Research to accomplish two goals. The first was to design and implement a web-based examination of mental health professionals. The second was to assist in analysis and validation of examinations used when credentialing mental health professionals.

A web-based examination survey was used to collect data from mental health professionals that work with NAFC. The web-based forum is relatively inexpensive and allows for participants to complete the survey at their leisure. There were 360 surveys started, but 245 completed surveys.

Talent Initiative Project

The Community Research Institute (CRI) along with Northeast Indiana Fund (NIF) contracted the Center for Social Research to conduct a survey on the Talent Initiative. This survey was done of 805 people living in Northeast Indiana (Allen, Adams, Dekalb, Huntinton, Lagrange, Noble, Steuben, Wells, and Whitley counties). The survey was done for two reasons, the first asking community members of their opinions on the talent initiative. This survey also looked to gauge the community knowledge of the talent initiative.

A random telephone survey method was used for this project. Questions regarding the community members awareness of STEM, PBL,, and local college programs. Participants were also asked about their opinions on the talent initiative goals, such as math and science education.

Putnam County Project

The Putnam County Health Department Contracted the Center for Social Research to conduct a health assessment of their county. 1,032 surveys were filled out and returned for this survey. The Total Design Method was used to implement this survey. This method ensures a high response rate by notifying those that have been chosen with a postcard, then sending them the survey packet, reminding them with a postcard, and then reminding the non-respondents with a final postcard.

 Airport Project

The Center for Social Research polled employees of the Fort Wayne-Allen County Airport Authority. There were thirty-five employees who participated in the survey about workplace satisfaction. Employees were contacted via web-based survey (full-time) or mailed surveys (part-time). Three goals were identified and accomplished for the project: 1) replicated past employee satisfaction surveys; 2) conduct the appropriate statistical analyses of 2010 data; 3) conduct appropriate comparisons with past employees surveys.

The surveys looked to gather qualitative and quantitative information in eight basic areas; base pay; benefits; performance evaluation; communications; supervision; coworkers; rules and policies; overall job satisfaction. There was also a ninth open-ended section in which the employee was asked to give their opinions about the working at the Airport Authority, and how they would change it.

WCCF Project

The Center for Social Research was contracted by the Whitley County Community Foundation (WCCF) to survey current students about their intended career goals. This information was used by WCCF as a measure of students goals and starting point for advancing their educational system in the areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathmatics or STEM. A survey was taken of 343 high school seniors in the Whitley County School System. There are three schools in Whitley County: Columbia City High School, Smith Green High School, and Whitco High School.

The Center for Social Research used a Census method. A census data collection technique looks at the opinions of all seniors from Whitley County. Students were invited to participate in a survey that was administered by the Center for Social Research Staff. The survey was created to look at their demographic information, future goals for education and career.