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Welcome to the Center for Social Research

The Center for Social Research (CSR) is a Center of Excellence on the IPFW campus. The CSR assists IPFW students, faculty, and other university personnel with the planning, implementation, and analysis of research projects and conducts research on behalf of government agencies, private business and industry, social service institutions, and other organizations in the greater Fort Wayne community.

The CSR also draws on faculty expertise in an interdisciplinary fashion when conducting research projects and utilizes IPFW’s faculty resources to provide a superior level of service to IPFW and the surrounding community.

Please view the presentation about the Center for Social Research, PDF, 4.4 MB.


  • To draw on academic experts from a variety of disciplines in planning, conducting, and analyzing its research projects.
  • To provide excellent opportunities students to receive real-world experience in social research.
  • To utilize IPFW’s organizational diversity to offer an experiential learning environment that fosters excellence in the services it offers, as well as the educational opportunities it delivers.
  • To equip students with the knowledge and skills that employers find valuable in today’s data-driven world.

It is the goal of the CSR is to serve as the primary resource for the social, demographic and applied research needs of the IPFW campus community and the Fort Wayne community. The CSR is directed by Donna Holland, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Sociology at IPFW.  Meet the CSR staff.

Who can benefit from social research?

  • Not-for-profit businesses
  • Industry/private enterprises
  • Government agencies and entities
  • School systems
  • Other academic institutions/organizations