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Overview of Modules

ASPPA’s courses are designed to convey the broad base of knowledge necessary for every retirement plan professional to master. Course materials aid in establishing groundwork in retirement plan terminology, issues, and requirements for individuals beginning a career, reentering the retirement field, or commencing the ASPPA credential process. Each module contains a presentation designed to simulate a live learning environment; a companion file containing a downloadable version of the PowerPoint slides used by the instructor in the presentation, a set of clarifications of the instructor’s comments in the presentation; and an assessment review quiz that can be provided to employers as proof of module completion. The review quiz is a study tool only and does not constitute the ASPPA credentialing exam.

Module Titles and Course Summaries

Retirement Plan Fundamentals (RPF 1) [PDF]
Retirement Plan fundamentals (RPF 2) [PDF]
Defined Benefits (DB) [PDF]

Additional Institute Offerings

Hot Topix Series
A series of modules concerning pressing issues in the retirement savings arena. At the present time, we are featuring a three-part presentation on recent changes in 403(b) regulations.

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