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This meeting made possible through generous support from an Islamic Relief USA Silver Anniversary Grant.

The Midwest Consortium on Citizenship and Human Rights

The Midwest Consortium on Citizenship and Human Rights
Inaugural Meeting at Purdue University Fort Wayne
12 – 14 September 2019
Fort Wayne IN

 The Institute for Holocaust and Genocide Studies and Purdue University Fort Wayne will host an inaugural meeting of the Midwest Consortium on Citizenship and Human Rights in 2020. Please join us Thursday, 12 September through Saturday, 14 September on the campus of Purdue University Fort Wayne. The Program Committee will welcome quality proposals from academics, students, activists, professionals, and others on any topic related to citizenship and human rights taking a midwestern perspective. Please note that we have postponed our original meeting date, so while you still are welcome to apply, we have not yet set a new date. Once we do, we will notify anyone who has submitted a proposal with more details.

We especially welcome proposals that detail actual or potential ways in which varying combinations of scholars, activists, social service agencies, and others can enter into collaborations capable of approaching citizenship and human rights from a local or regional perspective.

We encourage proposals for both academic paper presentations and informal presentations that address one or more of the following meeting themes: 

  • Definitions of citizenship or citizenships
  • Connections between citizenship and nationalism
  • Challenges for immigrant and refugee resettlement in the Midwest, including funding
  • Role of language and framing for mobilizing community action
  • Conducting local ethnic history through oral history and other activities
  • Debunking common myths and misunderstandings about the refugee and immigrant resettlement process
  • Exploring new career development options and pathways for refugees and immigrants to advance in their jobs
  • Social justice and human rights concerns for immigrants and refugees, especially around economic justice, rhetoric and hate speech, etc.

Following the meeting and funding permitting, a limited number of small seed grants may be available for attendees to develop new initiatives or build upon existing ones.

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