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Revenue Management

Businesses spend a great deal of time working to determine what products to sell, what prices to charge, and which customers to target in their marketing efforts. Revenue management aligns with these efforts as it helps business determine the right products to sell, to the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. Revenue management uses historical data to predict future demand as accurately as possible by evaluating and analyzing demand drivers, such as customer behavior, location, and availability. With this information, forecasted demand can be calculated and used by suppliers to inform pricing decisions and make the best arrangement of capacity, resources, and selling channels to maximize performance and profitability.
There are many different industries that have utilized opportunities for revenue optimization profitably. The Airline Industry in the United States was the first to incorporate revenue management at a strategic level. In recent years, a variety of industries have become aware of the power of revenue management and have begun to invest time and labor into the development of systems which harness the power of revenue management.

Revenue Management now has successful applications in Advertising, Sports Management, Hospitality, Car Rental, Broadcasting and emerging applications in the Manufacturing Industry, Financial Services and Health-Care:

What is Revenue Management?

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