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Business Analytics in Marketing

How a company predicts exactly what you want to buy?

The answer lies in Business Analytics – understanding patterns of what happened in the past to predict what might happen in the future. Business Analytics can measure anything and everything from storehouse efficiency and manufacturing information to sales line and marketing’s revenue contribution. What you want to measure and how you collect data is a case-by-case decision and the business analytics goals always remain the same – understand patterns of what happened in the past to make more accurate, data-driven decisions in the future.

Basically business analytics combine high-level data from each department in order to understand of how the organization is functioning as a whole. Now a days, due to most business functions have moved online it is much easier to access and scrutinize information from each department. It helps managers to analyze their past patterns and predict about future and to make immediate decision for organization.

Analytics in Marketing

Theresa Kushner, Senior Director of Customer Intelligence, Cisco Systems- presented this INFORMS Analytics conference and talked about the product and services of this company. Connecting disorganized conversations to structured information that anyone already know about their customer is equivalent to launching the Hubble telescope to study the stars. Connecting those conversations not only to our structured data, but also help to understand the scope, volume and intent of the conversations, is the challenge facing the marketing analytics team.

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