Leadership. Distinguish yourself.


In 2004, Student Affairs created the AmbassaDONs program to develop student leadership, spirit, and campus pride. Therefore, the name “AmbassaDONs” was chosen to reflect the university mascot, the mastodon. Since the inaugural year, the program has evolved as one of the elite student leadership positions on campus and AmbassaDONs continue to promote university excellence and pride in their service and dedication to IPFW’s mission and values.   

Program Description:
In one-year appointments, AmbassaDONs communicate Purdue Fort Wayne’s commitment to excellence with a variety of constituencies on campus and in the Fort Wayne and Indiana state communities. AmbassaDONs reflect Purdue Fort Wayne’s distinction as the premier center for learning in Northeast Indiana. AmbassaDONs strive to educate their peers that involvement with the university should be a lifelong commitment based on a holistic collegiate experience. Above all, the AmbassaDONs serve the Purdue Fort Wayne and Fort Wayne communities with pride and dedication.  

The Purdue Fort Wayne AmbassaDONs:

  • Represent Purdue Fort Wayne by serving at high-profile events including Omnibus lectures, university convocations, Commencement and private university functions,
  • Accompany the Chancellor and represent Purdue Fort Wayne at Board of Trustees meetings at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana,
  • Actively participate in service projects aimed at improving the area community,
  • Develop leadership skills at monthly training sessions,
  • Engage in Northeast Indiana community events at the request of the Chancellor and/or Advisory Committee.

For more information about the AmbassaDON program please contact:

Tamera Dunn
Assistant Director for Residential Education
4010 W. Housing Dr.