Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Judicial Court

The Judicial Court is the Student Government equivalent of the Supreme Court, and is made up of one Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. The Court's primary duties are to issue rulings on the Constitutionality of proposed legislation and act as the arbitrating body for disputes within SGA.

Justices are nominated by the Student Body President and confirmed by the Student Senate, and serve for two-year terms. Membership on the Judicial Court is a good way to gain experience in debate, textual and policy analysis, and conflict mediation. Students interested in being appointed to the Judicial Court should submit an online application here or contact the Student Body President at for more information.

Judicial Court Justices

  • Caleb Morton (Class I) - Chief Justice
  • Nicholas McCarthy (Class I)
  • Elijah Thomas (Class II)
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant

Terms for Class I Justices last from May of 2017 until May of 2019. 
Terms for Class II Justices last from May of 2018 until May of 2020.