Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Vice President of Legislation Candidates

The Student Body Vice President of Legislation assists the Student Body President in matters concerning the Legislative Branch of IPSGA. Serves as the President of the Student Senate.

2016 Candidates:

Anthony (Tony) Relue

Tony Relue

Tony Relue is a Computer Science major in his third year at IPFW. His desire to give back led him to serve as a Senator in IPSGA, a Big Event student leader, and an international student peer mentor. As a member of the Indiana National Guard, service is not new to Tony. Tony is active with student groups on campus including Hispanos Unidos, Golden Burma, and Club Seoul. In his free time he loves to run and is training for his first marathon this fall. Tony encourages classmates to participate in Mastodon life and runs a twitter account to inform them of school events. His time in IPSGA during the constitution overhaul made him familiar with the workings of IPSGA and how student government’s actions affect the student population. As VP of Legislation he will use his experience, professionalism, and commitment to the student body to fight for students’ rights and make sure all Mastodons’ voices are heard regarding the LSA report, campus construction projects, and any other issues that may arise.

Alexander Sanderson (incumbent)

Alexander Sanderson

Alexander Sanderson is a junior nursing major in his third year at IPFW. He has been a part of IPSGA for three years and has held a number of positions. He has served as the Ad Hoc Food Services Committee Chair, President Pro-Tempore, and is the current Vice President of Legislation.  Aside from being the President of the Senate, Alexander also serves as the Treasurer of MACHO and the Secretary of Colleges Against Cancer. He has also been a two-year BIG Event Leader, two-year orientation assistant, and has worked for MAC and SST. His major accomplishments were the 2013-2014 Student Government Member of the Year and the 2014-2015 Student Leader of the Year awards. Alexander’s goals for the Senate is to lead the Senators to new heights of professionalism, establish further transparency and synergy with student organizations, continue to help oversee the Helmke Library renovations, and fight the LSA recommendations.


For information on running for this office, contact the IPSGA Office at 260-481-6586, or