Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Vice President of Finance Candidates

The Student Body Vice President of Finance serves as the financial officer and office manager for IPSGA and chairs the Allocations Committee.

2018 Candidates

Liam Carolan

Liam Carolan

Liam Carolan is a Sophomore physics major currently in his second year at IPFW. He is an advocate for financial literacy with goals to ensure fiscal responsibility within Student Government. Liam has been a Student Senator for two years and is currently the Chairman of the Senate Ways & Means Committee. He has served as a voting member on the 2017-2018 Allocations Committee and holds treasurer positions with two student organizations. In this position Liam wants to accomplish three main objectives: ensure students are well-represented in the transition to PFW, improve internal collaboration between the branches of Student Government, and to implement effective sustainability efforts and initiatives.


For information on running for this office, contact the IPSGA Office at 260-481-6586, or