Indiana–Purdue Student Government Association

Binding Documents and Forms

Binding Documents

IPSGA Constitution

This is the foundational document for all of IPSGA that outlines the structure of the organization.

Student Senate Rules and Procedures

This document details the legislative process in IPSGA.

Student Activities Board Bylaws

This document details the meetings and membership of the Student Activities Board.

Executive Branch Bylaws

This document spells out in more detail the inner workings of the IPSGA Executive Branch.

IPFW Student Activity Fee Manual

The University has established this document to outline how Student Activity Fee dollars may be used.

IPSGA Financial Guidelines
This document, along with the IPFW Student Activity Fee Manual (see above), governs the use of IPSGA funds. More specifically, the details of the annual budget process and Student Senate funding are outlined.

Judicial Court Bylaws

This document is used to outline the processes and procedures for the IPSGA Judicial Court. 

IPSGA Election Code

This code governs the election process for IPSGA Executive Officers and for aspects of the Homecoming elections.


Election Financial Disclosure Form

This form is required for candidates to use to disclose financial expenditures during campaign season.

Student Senate Event Funding Request Form

Use this online form to submit a request for event funding from the Student Senate. (Please visit to submit requests for travel funding.)

Student Senate Chartering Request Form

Use this form if you would like the Student Senate to charter your new student organization.

Student Senate Student Org Constitutional Amendment Form

Use this form if your student organization is making changes to an existing constitution.

Judicial Court Form to File a Motion

Use this form to file an official motion with the Judicial Court.