Campus Ministry

The Bahamas, March 2004

Spring Break Mission Trip to the Bahamas, March 2004

Bahamas mission team pictured in front of the church we served.

Painting a home for a local resident was one of our service opportunities.

Working of putting on new shingles for a local resident

We also conducted a vacation Bible school for Bahamian children

A member of our mission team with young friends in the Bahamas.

Some of the mission team members conducted a soccer clinic for young children

For our spring break mission trip in March of 2004, we took a very large team to work in the Bahamas.  Yes, the weather was terrific and we had a lot of fun!  But we served churches and local residents in a way that was glorifying to Jesus.  We actually flew to Fort Lauderdale, Florida from Indiana and then took a small cruise ship over and back to the island.  You can see the entire Campus Ministry Bahamas mission team pictured above in the first photo standing in front of one of the churches we served on the island and a place where we worshiped while we there.  The fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Bahamas was wonderful!  In the second and third images above, you can see some of our team members in action doing some of the repair work we performed for local residents--in this case, putting up dry wall in a hallway, painting it and then moving to the roof outside for some repair work on the shingles.  Serving in this way was an act of kindness meant to display the love of Jesus to individuals who might visit the church we worked with as a way of finding out more about a God who would send people to help them.  We also conducted a vacation Bible school for lots of young children at a school.  You can see the children wearing their uniforms in the fourth picture above and then, below, one of our team poses with some young friends she met that day.  We try to put our students in position to share their faith on every trip that we take.  Finally, because we had 3 members of the Indiana Tech soccer team as a part of our group on this trip, we offered a soccer clinic to some of the children at the school mentioned above.  They loved spending time with the guys and gals who put on the clinic.  Once again, the love of Jesus was communicated in a very creative way!