Campus Ministry

Sofia and Stara Zagora, Bulgaria March 2016

Spring Break Mission Trip to Bulgaria in March 2016 (Our Third Visit)

     Singing at Bridge Church

     Tiffany Wallace sharing food

      Face painting in Maglizh

      Kailey Wieringa and Roma Children

      English Lesson in Sliven

      El Hanaan Church in Sliven                     Treats after Church Service

Here are some pictures from our wonderful, third visit to Bulgaria on Campus Ministry mission trip number 23.  We took a team of fifteen back to Sofia on March 5th (we left Chicago on March 4th) and returned to Chicago on March 12th.  We participated in 6 Roma worship services all over Bulgaria, led two Kid's Fests in the villages of Maglizh and Gorno Aleksandrovo, and distributed food in the village of Hrishteni.  We literally traversed Bulgaria from west (Sofia) to east (Burgas) with a lot of ministry happening around Stara Zagora.  We partnered again with our dear friends, Care For All Ministries, directed by our brother Dinko Zlatarov, while we were in Bulgaria.  In the first picture above, you can see members of our team sharing a song with the Bridge congregation in Sofia on Sunday morning, March 6th.  The Bridge church, pastored by Dinko Zlatarov, is a mixed Bulgarian/Roma congregation--it is the visual representation of the diversity of the Body of Christ: what the church should be!  In the next photo, team member Tiffany Wallace is sharing prayer and a bag of groceries that the team purchased with a Roma family outside of their home in the village of Hrishteni.  You can see the food bag at the Roma lady's feet.  Dinko Zlatarov is seen to the right in the picture translating Tiffany's prayer for the Roma woman to understand.  Hrishteni is a very significant village for Campus Ministry; we sent 55 Christmas shoe boxes to this village last December to share Christmas gifts with the children there.  It was wonderful to meet some of the children who received our shoe boxes a few months back.  In the next two images, you see team members interacting with Roma children at one of our two Kid's Fests--this one in the village of Maglizh.  Team members Allie Piotrowski (left) and Casey Wurst (right) do some face painting while team member Kailey Wieringa is surrounded by some of her new friends in the village after the Kid's Fest.  We traveled to Sliven on Wednesday evening and worshiped with the El Hanaan Church (Roma) pastored by our friend Sasho Vasilev.  In the next photo down, you can see some of our team members sharing an English lesson with Roma children while the children try to teach us Bulgarian.  Dinko Zlatarov is hosting the competition.  Then you see a picture of team members Casey Wurst, Ruth Baker and Melissa Cormany (right to left among the Roma congregation) enjoying the service at El Hanaan.  Finally, we worshiped with the Roma church in Gorno Alexsandrovo on Thursday evening.  Following the service, the small church generously shared some special sweet treats with our team--the last picture shows some of our team enjoying their snack.  We look forward, God willing, to return to serve with our friends in Bulgaria in March of 2019 over spring break.  Until then, we pray for their ministry!