Campus Ministry

Rajahmundry, India Summer 2010

Summer Mission Trip to Rajahmundry, India June 2010

Prasad, Sunee and Evangeline in India, 2010

India mission team poses for picture at church dedication in Pendipeta

Mission team posing outside of the church in pendipeta

Casey Cormany makes balloon animals for children in India

Children eating lunch at Gateway School in India

Wedding anniversary celebration in India for Ben and Janet Gates

Pastor Prasad enjoys meal in Hyderabad, India at the end of mission week 2010

We returned to India in June of 2010 and were once again hosted by our dear friend Pastor Prasad and his family.  Prasad directs a ministry in Rajahmundry, India (the state of Andhra Pradesh) called Gateway Ministries.  Whenever we take a team to India, he and his family show great hospitality by housing the entire team in their home.  You can see Prasad, his wife Sunee and his daughter Evangeline in the first picture above.  When we made our first visit to India in the summer of 2008, we learned that a great need in India for Christian churches was a building.  Hindus believe that a person cannot worship God in greatest reverence except in a building--and that priority carries over when many Hindus convert to Christianity.  So, as a ministry, we determined to raise the money to build a church, send it to Prasad and get the church built so that we could dedicate the building on our next visit.  Our students raised $5000 to pay for a church building and you can see our team in the second picture posing in the church that our students built--in Pendipeta, India.  You can see that the dedication was a festive occasion; the team is decked out in the traditional flower leis that we received wherever we went in India plus prayer shawls given to each of us on this occasion.  What a joy to worship in the church our students built!  We were so proud that day!  In the third image, the team poses with village children outside of another church that Pastor Prasad supervises.  Children are always the focus of our mission trips wherever we go.  In the fourth picture, team member Casey Cormany is a big hit making balloon animals for Indian children.  Besides supervising churches, Gateway Ministries also runs a school at the Come Together Compound (the land donated by the Christian band "Third Day").  In the fifth picture, you can see the children eating lunch along one of the outdoor corridors at the school.  When we first visited this school in 2008, it was a mere skeleton of a building.  It was wonderful to see it so full and busy in operation just two years later.  Prasad's wife Sunee is the headmistress of the school.  While we were visiting India in 2010, Campus Minister Ben Gates and his wife Janet celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary.  Prasad's extended family honored the occasion with a surprise anniversary party Indian-style.  In the sixth picture, you can see Ben and Janet sharing an affectionate moment at the party.  Notice the banner behind them--we were greeted with banners of welcome and gratitude wherever we went on this trip.  Janet is also wearing the traditional Indian garb called a "sari."  (or maybe it is a "punjabi"?  oh well!)  In the final picture, Pastor Prasad enjoys a special lunch at a five-star hotel in Hyderabad, India right before the team boards the airplane to return to the United States.  We always treat our teams in India to this special luncheon celebration.  Is Prasad enjoying the food or the thought that these Americans will finally be out of his house?