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Rajahmundry, India March 2014

Spring Break Mission Trip to Rajahmundry, India (Our Third Visit)--March, 2014

Students sing with children at Gateway School

Marissa Seese prays with mother and child

Team gathers in front of Pendipeta Church

Pastors worshiping at Pastor's Conference

Students and Melissa showing off their saris

Ben and Prasad on camel

Thank you from Gateway Ministries

Here are some of the pictures that illustrate the wonderful trip we made to Rajahmundry, India in March of 2014.  We took a team of ten for this third visit with our dear friends, Pastor V.S.C. Prasad and his family, who lead Gateway Ministries in southeastern India (state of Andhra Pradesh).  In the first picture, you see our students singing songs with the children at the Gateway School.  We first visited the site of this school in 2008 before it had ever opened and prayed through the classrooms.  What a joy now to see those same classrooms full of children eager to learn their lessons and to learn about the Lord.  In the next picture down, team member Marissa Seese prays with a mother and child after one of the church services we conducted.  We led 9 such services in 5 days--a really busy schedule.  And we prayed our way out of every service as Marissa is doing here.  In 2009, our students raised the money to actually construct a church in India and we returned in 2010 to dedicate that church building.  In the third picture above, we are visiting that church again in 2014 in the village of Pendipeta.  This church has a dear place in our hearts.  We also taught over 100 pastors and their wives at a pastor's seminar in Rajahmundry.  The fourth picture shows many of those pastors praising God during the conference.  We also had some fun times in India.  In picture five, the female members of our team sport their newly purchased saris--a beautiful group!  And then, in picture six, Campus Minister Ben Gates takes his first camel ride in Hyderabad; Pastor Prasad is riding behind Ben.  Those camels bob and weave like crazy--not an easy shore to stay on, but a whole lot of fun and a memory for a lifetime.  The final image is a "thank you" that our friends in India sent to us after we had returned to Indiana--we feel the same way about them.  We can't wait to visit Rajahmundry again for our fourth visit!