Campus Ministry

Rajahmundry, India March 2017

Spring Break Mission Trip to Rajahmundry, India, March 2017

India team at 2017 Pastors Conference

2017 India Mission Team Serves Lunch to Indian Pastors

India Mission Team members enjoy breakfast

John Imhof meeting Gateway School students

Tiffany Seeler and Ruby Jacobs meet Gateway School students

Campus Minister Ben Gates handling King Cobra snake

Campus Minister Ben Gates wading in Indian Ocean

In March of 2017, we returned to Rajahmundry, India for our fourth visit to this beautiful place and beautiful people!  We worked closely with Pastor V.S.C. Prasad and Gateway Ministries.  We helped to conduct 7 worship services in rural village Indian churches in 5 days.  We helped to lead a Pastor's Conference for 40 pastors and their wives.  In the first image above, our team was honored at the Pastor's Conference with a special banner, flower garlands, and engraved plaques for each member.  You can see our team serving a lunch that they funded to some of the pastors and their wives in the next picture.  We stayed and were fed at Pastor Prasad's house as always.  You can see our team in the third image above enjoying a breakfast before venturing to Gateway School for a day of meeting students and playing with them.  The guys are wearing the trip team T-shirts in this image.  The next two pictures show team members John Imhof, Tiffany Seeler and Ruby Jacobs (back to the camera) talking to students in their classrooms at Gateway School.  The children love to recite their lessons for us.  Team member Tiffany Seeler collected nearly 400 handwritten notes from her church, friends, and her mother's school class to share with the Gateway students; every Indian child received candy, a toy and a handwritten note from America.  The children are learning English at Gateway School, so they are able to read their notes.  We also had fun on this trip, although I don't know that the next picture shows Campus Minister Ben Gates having fun as he handles a King Cobra snake.  The snake was de-fanged or it wouldn't have been handled.  Notice that the Indian snake charmer is holding the snake's head--or Ben Gates wouldn't have been near this disgusting creature.  The team also visited the Bay of Bengal, a part of the Indian Ocean, on Wednesday afternoon after the Pastor's Conference.  You can see Campus Minister Ben Gates standing in the Indian Ocean in the final image above.